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The Stallard Scientific
Guarantee of Editing Quality

At Stallard Scientific Editing, we guarantee the quality of our editing services. Your document will be thoroughly checked and edited to ensure that it meets the standards required by international academic journals and publishers.

Our guarantee involves the following three components.

1. Satisfaction Guarantee

We will continue to work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the edited document (the Final1 file).

2. Ask-the-Editor Service

If you have any questions regarding the edited manuscript, simply type your questions into the relevant parts of the text and return the document to us. We will endeavour to reply to your questions within 2 business days. There is no additional charge for this service unless an excessive amount of time is required.

3. Draft-to-Journal Guarantee

We guarantee that the English language of documents edited by Stallard Scientific Editing meets the requirements of international journals, editors, and publishers. If an editor, reviewer, or publisher asks for improvements to the English language of your document, Stallard Scientific Editing will discuss these comments with you and assist you to make any necessary changes at no additional charge. As our service provides clients with a guarantee of English-language excellence from the original edited draft manuscript until the publication process, we call this guarantee the ‘Draft-to-Journal Guarantee.’

Please note the following conditions for our Draft-to-Journal Guarantee.

  1. The guarantee applies only to problems identified by the publisher or reviewer regarding the use of English language in the document previously edited by Stallard Scientific Editing (the Final1 file), and does not guarantee the final acceptance of the document for publication. The actual scientific content, overall structure, and logic of the manuscript remain the responsibility of the author.
  2. The guarantee applies only to text edited by Stallard Scientific Editing for which payment has been received. The guarantee does not apply to any parts of the edited text that were changed by the author prior to or after submission of the manuscript to the publisher. The guarantee does not apply to a revised version of the Final1 file or to changes made to the Final1 file in response to reviewers’ comments.


Please note that while Stallard Scientific Editing takes all reasonable care with the editing, conversion, and transmission of documents, the client remains entirely responsible for the final content, meaning, and use of the document.

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