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At Stallard Scientific Editing, we specialize in improving the English of documents written by researchers who have English as a second language. We aim to produce a final edited document that is written to the level of an expert native-English writer.

We accept a variety of file formats and routinely edit LaTeX files.

We also provide the following services that can be selected when requesting a quote:

  • Edit tables and figures
  • Edit references
  • Check instructions to authors
  • Edit author’s reply to reviewers’ comments – this involves editing the author’s reply to the reviewers’ comments, checking that the reviewers’ comments have been addressed by the author, and editing the author’s cover letter to the journal editor
  • Edit conference abstracts
  • Edit PowerPoint presentations or transcripts of conference presentations

If you have made changes to a manuscript that was previously edited by Stallard Scientific Editing, e.g., in response to reviewers’ comments, and you want your manuscript to be edited again prior to resubmitting it or making a final submission to the journal, we can edit the entire revised document for a reduced fee based on the amount of new text in the document, or we can edit only the new text for the usual editing fee.

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