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Managing Editor and Earth Science Editor

Zoe completed a BSc (Hons) and a PhD in Geology at the University of Aberdeen (UK) with a research focus on sedimentology, tectonics, geochronology, and structural geology. Zoe has published in international journals and is an experienced editor in the wider field of Earth Science. At Stallard Scientific Editing, Zoe has responsibility for quality control and uses her scientific expertise to ensure the smooth daily running of the business. She is passionate about science communication and outreach, having written dozens of articles and blog posts for general audiences, and volunteers for a charity promoting science literacy in school-aged children.


McKellar, Z., Hartley, A.J., Macdonald, D.I.M., Morton, A., & Frei, D. 2021. Sedimentology and provenance of the Lower Old Red Sandstone Grampian outliers: Implications for Caledonian orogenic basin development and the northward extension of the Midland Valley Basin. Journal of the Geological Society, 178 (2): jgs2020-141

McKellar, Z. & Hartley, A.J. 2021. Caledonian foreland basin sedimentation: A new depositional model for the Upper Silurian–Lower Devonian Lower Old Red Sandstone of the Midland Valley Basin, Scotland. Basin Research, 33 (1), 754–778

McKellar, Z., Hartley, A.J., Morton, A., & Frei, D. 2020. A multidisciplinary approach to sediment provenance analysis of the late Silurian–Devonian Lower Old Red Sandstone succession, northern Midland Valley Basin, Scotland. Journal of the Geological Society, 177, 297–314

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